From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All through the storm...

"Faithful One, so unchanging, Ageless One You're my Rock of peace.
Lord of all, I depend on You.  I cry out to You, again & again.
You are my Rock in time of trouble, You lift me up when I fall down.
All through the storm, Your love is the anchor; my hope is in You alone."

Thank you, my dear Joan, for reminding me of this beautiful song.  It is so fitting for this walk we're on.

Not much to report today except that Dad was moved back to the wonderful 8th floor to the same room he'd been in and is back in the care of the most amazing nurses ever.  One of them helped him shave...he was growing quite a beard but it bothered him.  He did super during physical therapy. 

But...he was very confused for most of the day.  He tried to talk to me on the phone but I couldn't understand him.  This could be due to having general anesthesia twice in 4 days, or the side effects of the morphine combined with the muscle relaxers and Vicodin.  But it could also be the brain tumor acting up.  Dr. Reddy ordered an MRI which was done around 5pm and we should have the results tomorrow.  If swelling is indicated, he'll put Dad on steroids to shrink the swelling.  Please pray that he sleeps well and wakes alert and is no longer confused.

I didn't get too far on my researching of a 2nd opinion as most multi-faceted facilities want to actually see the patient and right now, Dad's just not strong enough for us to move him.  I did email back and forth with a Dr. at Univ. of Penn who said he'd be happy to have a phone consult with Dr. Reddy and I also gave Dr. Reddy the phone # for a Sarcoma specialist @ Fox Chase.  He said he'd contact them.  We're so thankful for his willingness to admit that this cancer is a bit beyond his knowledge.

So, again, we wait.  We're waiting for Dad to gain strength and would love to see him eat more than a few bites.  We're waiting for MRI results and phone consultations.  We're waiting for God to show us the direction that this road is leading but take comfort in knowing that He has already planned the path and that He will not lead us out of His will.  He is our faithful, unchanging Rock and Anchor and we have no choice but to trust Him every minute of every day.  To God be the glory...


  1. So thankful for such a wonderful Dr.
    Praying, Praying, Praying....

  2. Our prayers and hearts are with you, Andrea. And with your family. Keep leaning.

  3. . . .and give you peace, and give you peace. . .

  4. Since you mentioned 'waiting,' I thought of this quote in my Bible with Psa. 26:14: "Waiting is not glum resignation or anxious fretting, but a solid endurance that moves forward in the confidence that God hears & answers according to His timing." We pray & wait with you.